BeFoRe & AfTeR RaYa CeLeBrAtIoN

Last week, de jamuan Hari Raya ngan dak2 batch..sonok gak..makan sedap plus leh antara gambar2 entiti yg berjaya disnap!

1st duduk masa datang..

Tugu Peringatan pe plak nih?

Cam hero cita Man Laksa jer..


I with Adi..Sabahan nih..

3 Janda..haha..

Kentut sket(sonok plak tuh)..hehe =p

Sesudah makan..

With Abg Photographer which is CHEM..

Again with chem and anas..

With my ousmate (da yellow one not included)..

With my jiran..

Saye xnak mkn ngan diorg..diorg yg ajak saye..hehe


My last moment at UFO..

memories in Engineering Design eXhibition 2009..

Thank Allah for giving me such nice experiences in EDX 2009 and huhu...I got silver medal for my FYP..jadilah..atleast I got sumthing to market myself..hehe..Neway..this is my last event I have joined in UTP and it was so memorable for some pics during the EDX 2009 and Dean's List Awards Mechanical Engineering 2009..

My booth.. =p

Opening ceremony by UTP Reactor Nuclear..hehe..

During 1st round judging session..cuak!

Side view of my table..

Again judging session..

Again n again judging session

Pull jangan xpull..

Top view of my table..

Donno wat view is this..

we are come from "KECERIAAN" club..

hehe..wat da nice line kot..

smart & steady..

Prize giving ceremony..I got Silver Medal..

All FYP participant..Congrats Gold and Silver Medalist..

This one Dean's List Award..Alhamdullilah..

Rizkee, Hanafi & Othman..

I got about u??

We got this..Thank UTP.. =)

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